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How did you and your husband meet?

We met at a one day music festival in Orange County. Our mutual friends who went to the same college stumbled into each other and we casually got introduced. We discovered that we both went to school for Graphic Design but little did we know, that we were soon going to be designing a whole entire life together filled with love and adventure. Our first official hangout? Knott's Berry Farm. Our first kiss? On the ferris wheel at another OC music festival. The first time we said I love you? On top of a stripped down 757 jet at Burning Man.

How did he pop the question? Were you surprised?

About 2 years into us meeting, we've create a lifestyle events company called The Xanadu Life that inspires people to get outside. Three years into Xanadu, on an annual Havasupai Falls backpacking trip we lead, he completely surprised me.

On the last full day of our incredible trip, we led the group to this final waterfall called Hidden Falls. He asked if I wanted to take a photo with him on top of the waterfall so we swam across the water, climbed to the top, and as I was about to pose for our photographer, he got down on one knee and popped the question!

No one knew, except our photographer but what was funny was that when one of our friends saw us on top of the waterfall, and yelled "Look at Heidi and Ryan, it looks like the perfect engagement photo!" and so everyone turned, and there it was, "THE engagement photo of the year" captured by not only our photographer but witnessed by a group of people we love.

Where did you tie the knot?

At a private villa in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve of Tulum, Mexico. The largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean.

Did you have a specific theme in mind for your wedding?

I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and allow the beauty of the nature around us to shine. I would say the theme was Boho Chic. Macrame decor against the green jungle life with touches of gold. We took the destination wedding to a whole new level as venue was at a private villa in the middle of the jungle. All our guests wore white or tan colors. Shoes were optional.

Mood? Love.

Wedding Dress Designer & Style

A "vintage" Monique Lhuillier dressed with custom design and alternations by my dear friend Casey Lum.

What made you choose AMY O for your special day?

I've always wanted a backless wedding dress, and when I saw that stunning back necklace, I knew Amy O was the one. Amy O was even so incredible to design a custom barefoot sandal to match the rest of my jewelry.

Custom Dakota Crystal Anklet

What was one of the most memorable moments from your wedding day?

There are so many but walking down the aisle, witnessing how gorgeous & perfect the space and the people looked, and having such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and love for every single soul who came together to make the day possible. And the fact that i was barefoot through the entire wedding day made me so happy!

Did you go on a honeymoon? If so, where to?

We are adventuring to Hong Kong, and Bali for 2 weeks at the end of the year!

Any advice for future brides?

BE you. Make it the most enjoyable day for YOU! Do the things that make YOU happy, not the things you think you SHOULD do just because tradition says so.

This IS the one day that it is ALL ABOUT YOU so create your dream wedding accordingly and everyone that loves you will support you in it!

There are so many decisions and so many people that it can easily be the most stressful thing any bride does, but simplicity is key and don't be afraid to ask for help!

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