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Matching Metals: How to Pick Your Jewelry Based off Your Shade of White Dress

The white dress is synonymous with a wedding, but soon a bride discovers that there is so much more than just one shade of white. The various shades of white varies on a bride's own preference, from ivory to pearl. But, it can be tricky and confusing to choose matching jewelry depending on your shade of dress. Today we'll be showing how to match your shade of dress to the metal of your jewelry.
Bright White
This traditional shade of white looks fine with basically any metal, but silver jewelry really pops nicely against the brightness. 
The new standard for wedding is ivory, especially because ivory looks lovely with any shade of skin tone. An ivory dress pairs best with gold jewelry.
Diamond White
Diamond white is softer and not as harsh on the bride's skin tone as pure white is. This soft shade looks nice with silver metal accessories. 
For a glamorous touch on your wedding, pair your champagne dress with gold accessories.
 Alabaster is a warmer more buttery shade of white that pairs nice with silver. 
If you are choosing to go the more trendy and non-traditional wedding dress route, a romantic blush dress could be the shade for you. Rose gold jewelry complements the soft tones. 
To summarize, ivory and champagne dresses pair well with gold accessories. Blush dresses pair lovely with rose gold accessories, while the traditional bright white dress looks crisp and works with any metal, especially silver jewelry.

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