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Amy O. Bride: Bree's Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Bree & Matthew's intimate wedding ceremony was one to remember! 
How did you and your husband meet?
Due to an unforeseen schedule mishap, he happened to train me at work, 7 years ago! We then found out that we grew up really close to one another in an entirely different state!
How did he pop the question? Were you surprised?
I wasn't surprised at all - we'd been talking about it forever and he even offered to let me try on the ring before he popped the question! I declined! However, he asked me while we were walking through our greenbelt, right below a newly planted tree. It's awesome to see that same tree now, 3 years later, growing fuller and stronger. What a perfect metaphor!
Did you have a specific theme in mind for your wedding? 
The theme for our wedding was natural, simple, clean, and quick! We were planning on eloping a few hours north in Sedona, AZ, but the health of our parents changed our perspective and we flew out to Geneva, IL, to have a tiny 6-guest wedding.
Where did you tie the knot?
Geneva, IL
What made you choose AMY O for your special day?
The beautiful styling of AMY O's accessories fit my taste - I loved the understated sparkle. I also really liked purchasing matching guest gifts - bracelets and earrings for my mother, MIL, and sister that were similar to my bridal headband. 
What was one of the most memorable moments from your wedding day?
I can't answer this question without laughing! My husband dropped the ring as soon as he went to put it on my finger. My mom captured the video! It's so genuine, and sweet, and SO us. Matt composed himself well and wore such a precious grin. It was one of the few moments where no one was really stressed about anything - we all shared in this uproarious giggle in the otherwise quiet courthouse.
Did you go on a honeymoon? If so, where to?
Our honeymoon was planned for St Thomas, but hurricanes in September destroyed our hotel. We were lucky to find a last-minute reservation on a small island off of Cancun called Isla Mujeres. Not bad for a non-researched escape!
Any advice for future brides?: Calm down. Appreciate all of the things that people are trying to do for you! But mostly, just calm the heck down. Full transparency, of the 6 guests that attended, at least 3 refused to to talk to some other guest. It was a very stressful ordeal! That said, it only brought me and my husband closer together. We stayed positive and supportive of one another, which really sets the tone for our marriage. Sometimes you have to work harder to appreciate the imperfections!
We had an awesome photographer from Geneva, so if you need a recommendation in that area, Jennifer Kaye was innovative, creative, artistic, funny, and timely! I did my own hair and make-up to keep costs down, and I was lucky enough to find a sample dress at a third of the retail price! Being tall meant I didn't even have to tailor it.

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