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Amy O. Bridal x Caroline Eliza Co.

Amy O. Bridal recently collaborated with photographer Caroline Eliza on a trendy styled bridal shoot. Because we loved the images so much, we want you guys to know a little more about her and our collab!
Caroline Eliza Co Photography
Amy O: Tell us about yourself and your company! 
Caroline: Well my name is Caroline & my middle name is Elizabeth. When first creating a photography Instagram, I didn't want "Caroline Elizabeth Photography" to be my handle because it was way too long! I shortened it to @carolineelizaphoto, which birthed "caroline eliza co" once I re-branded.
Amy O: How did you get into photography?
Caroline: I've always been a creative person. Dance was an outlet for me for 13 years before photography became that for me. I love it! I love how it's ever changing & evolving. No two weddings/couples/stories etc. are alike & that keeps me interested & inspired.
Amy O: What inspired this shoot?
Caroline: I was tired of seeing the same ole stuff on Instagram. From the edits, to the poses, themes and so on. My Pinterest is the one thing I can get on and get so inspired by my own likes and interests without the mainstream filter of Instagram influencing my inspiration for this session. So I took florals, home decor, colors, fashion, etc. that I've pinned & from all of that this shoot was born. I wanted it to be completely unique, completely me & totally my own. 
Amy O: Why did you choose Amy O?
Caroline: I love your jewelry! It's dainty & sweet, but has an edge & those are my three favorite words to describe my style. Your aesthetic fits mine & it was lovely getting to collaborate with you guys. Your jewelry is also of great quality & there is nothing worse that crappy quality dainty jewelry.
\\ Models: Josie-Lynn & Tyler Lloyd \\ Jewelry: Amy O Jewelry \\ Gown: Sarah Seven \\ Boutique that provided Gown: Bride.KC \\ Floral: Jodi Ferrell \\ Images & Editing: Caroline Eliza \\

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